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Why does my connection to the Windows Domain drop or suddenly disconnects when I'm using the VPN?

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In normal cases accessing VPN is usually slow because of its structure.  This problem can be caused by the following: 

·         If the upload speed of the server is very low compared to the number of clients accessing the VPN, this will drop your connection speed because the server upload speed remains constant no matter how many clients access the VPN,

·         VPN uses a protocol known as tunneling which connects the VPN client and server. Tunneling is built on the notion that it will make the VPN entirely secure thus it can drop connection when it immediately senses there is loss of data during traffic and it immediately reroutes the tunnel. This is a security precaution against intruders.

·         This protocol also encrypts every data that goes through the tunnel thus this can result to a slow connection.


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I think I’m familiar with this problem. I also once tried using a VPN service before and I’m quite surprised because every time I made a connection my IP address changes and I always appear as if I was located from another country as what my IP address designates and it’s my first time to use it. After a couple of months of using the service I’m already familiar with how the connection happens.

When you connect to the web from a VPN connection, your connection will be thrown to the VPN hosting service or site. After that the VPN host or the VPN server will then transfer your connection to another VPN server most of the time located from another country and there the connection will go through. I’m not sure if all VPN hosting service are the same since the one I used always gives me a different IP address every time I connect to the web using the service. I also have the option to select which server is the fastest. I also once found a VPN hosting service that doesn’t do this. You are only assigned to one specific IP address, different from the actual IP address given to you by your ISP, and your subscription determines how many IP addresses you can use and swap.

If you always experience a sudden drop in your internet connection while using the VPN service, I think the problem is with the VPN server you are connected to. There are times that the server where you connect gets too crowded and the connection becomes slower and slower until you almost have no connection. If this happens, try transferring to another server if your VPN hosting service allows you to. I also experienced it where the connection disconnects for no reason without even touching the VPN client application.

Sharath Reddy