Intel Pentium R Dual Core Central Processing Unit.

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All the Central Processing units have more than one cores and every core is a processor. Intel Core processor has two physical and two virtual cores. Describe aboutthe Intel Pentium r dual core.

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Intel Pentium R Dual Core Central Processing Unit.


It includes two processor cores in parallel execution.

They share the same memory.

But because of low clock frequency and half cache size the market value is low. Pentium dual core has the following features:

1) Thermal manager.

2) Power capability.

3) SSE3 instruction set.

4) Power coordination.

5) SpeedStep Technology. It has a competition with AMD Turion 64 X2.


  • Using the buffer overflows it prevents the problems related to security.
  • Each core executes four commands simultaneously.
  • The data transfer is improved which ultimately leads to better performance.
  • It supports virtualization technology that provides hardware support for the VM.
  • Uses the clock configuration table to update the frequency and the power consumption.
  • The thermal manager present is advanced. It supports the digital sensors and monitors to enhance the thermal monitoring accuracy.
  • For the video encoding, graphics encoding, thread synchronization etc. SSE3 instruction set is used.
  • It supports macro fusion.
  • Some of the models present in the market are listed below:

–>  E-TDP




Here TDP stands for Thermal Dissipation Power.

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