Intel or AMDATI OU Nvidia.

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I just want to know the difference or comparison of the two. Which is better and which one should I go to? Please cite the differences on the two. Which one is good for gaming? Thanks in advance.

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Intel or AMDATI OU Nvidia.


The Intel and AMD are the two top contenders as of today. And since their battle started, and claiming as the best, the two bought out great technology for us. On this battle, many times Intel is on top position with their advanced thinking and remarkable technology upgradation. But for gamers, they prefer AMD. I noticed that whenever AMD or Intel launches a variant, the other one will also launches an opposing variant. Last 2012, AMD made a hit on launching the Bulldozer processors and Intel has their Ivy Bridge processors.

On the beginning of 2013, both companies realize that they need to step up so they created an extremely powerful processor variants. For Intel, here are some of it:

Sandy Bridge-E

This i7-3970X is an eight-core processor based on the recently launched Sandy Bridge microarchitecture. But, some of the cores are disabled. When it was introduced, die size stayed on 32nm whilst the max TDP is 150W.


This is also based on microarchitecture processor, and this is the latest from Intel. IT was named as Rockwell before and reduced the die size to 22nm from 32nm. Intel aims the cross market by creating a low-power processor. It is expected to have a Desktop version or Haswell-DT, Mobile or Laptop version or Haswell-MB, and the BGA version or Haswell-H, Haswell-ULT, Haswell-ULX.

AMD competes with Haswell by launching the Piledriver.


This is based on the success of the Bulldozer processors. It is still on 32nm and there is no much distinctions from the previous one. However, it increases in features. The clock rates increased, instructions per cycle increased, power consumption has reduced. The specs of AMD FX-8350 are the following:


AMDs response to the Haswell processors. But we really cannot say that AMD topped on Intel's processing power; hence, Richland has the edge over Haswell's graphics and best of all, it is cheaper. It remains on 32nm die size.


The latest from AMD with a reduced die size of 28nm. There is a self-regulating instruction decoder on each core and an enhanced memory controllers and huge caches, AMD targets to add the instructions/cycle to 30%. Streamroller main objective is to have a better parallelism and pipelined floating point units.

Personally, I will go for AMD. They always produced a high-quality processors and they still have more variants on Intel soon to be released.

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