Intel Core I3 Vs. Intel Pentium. What To Choose?

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buying a new laptop but deciding the processor could be hard. It is always better to know the features each processor provides to get the maximum benefit. Differentiate Intel Core i3 vs. Intel Pentium?

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Intel Core I3 Vs. Intel Pentium. What To Choose?


1) More cache memory means access to memory is faster. Execution of programs takes place at a faster rate.

2) Greater Graphics frequency means better gaming experience along with the video quality.

3) Intel clear video HD enhances the video quality of the laptop screen.

4) Hyper-threading is the phenomenon that assigns tasks to various Cores of the processor.


  • It is the low-end version of Core i3.
  • Pentium Quad has 3 MB if cache memory.
  • The memory controller and graphics controller is slower.
  • Graphics frequency is 533 MHz
  • It does not have Intel clear video HD.
  • It does not support Hyper-threading.


3 has 4 MB cache memory. Thus i3 is faster than Intel Pentium.

  • Graphics frequency is 733 MHz, thus i3 has better gaming and video quality.
  • I3 has the Intel clear video HD thus provides a better video quality of screen.
  • It supports Hyper-threading.

Thus the computer with i3 will run faster. when you have to choose between Intel Core and Intel Pentium, i3 Core should be selected as it has more beneficial features.

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