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I want to know if it is possible that I can integrate my MS SQL database for use with MS Visio Organizational Chart? How can I do it with ease or without any programming required?

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Basically, when you are using Visio, you can connect Visio shapes to data. It was generated outside Visio. You don’t mention about which versions of software you are using now. However, here I’m telling you the suggestion, that may help you to integrate an MS SQL database for MS Visio 10.

Visit this site for a complete process what you want about. Here you found a slide show that described detailed about the process to integrate an MS SQL database for MS Visio. Here you go-

Also you can visit Microsoft official website. Here a video footage obviously can serve you a perfect solution to get resolved from your problem-

An other option I suggest you to get resolved. Visit the site given below-

The wish, the suggestion may help you a lot.