Instant Messaging for Playstation 3

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What instant messaging software/website works on a Playstation 3? And should be working without  installing another OS. I have tried the most web based software's like Yahoo, AIM, MSN/Hotmail which could be done thorough email, but still didn't work.

I also tried Ebuddy and it's still not working. Do you know any other way to do IM's through the PS 3? By the way, I am using AIM and YM accounts .


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Instant Messaging for Playstation 3


Hi Paul Albert,

PS3 doesn't have the same operating system as Windows or Mac etc that is why regular web based sites for IM's don't work with PS 3 unless you actually reinstall another OS. However, the mobile format of ebuddy somehow is compatible with PS3. Ebuddy Mobile should work on the PlayStation 3 format. The regular ebuddy or the PC version of it doesn't work on PS3 so make sure that you are typing or

It should also work perfectly with your AIM and YM account. It works just like your regular ebuddy format. Other sites like KoolIM and Meebo will enable you to login and get you to your contacts screen but it won’t allow you to click on the contacts/buddies to chat. Or it will give you a blank screen and it will ask you to download Java. Stop wasting your time, since it will not work anyway. Ebuddy Mobile so far is the only format that’s working with PS3. Tried and Tested! Ebuddy rocks!

I hope this helps.


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Instant Messaging for Playstation 3


Hi there,

    To the best of my knowledge there are not a single instant messenger that you can install on a PlayStation and chat. But fortunately there are ways to chat on instant messenger even if you do not have the client for the service you intend to use installed in your PlayStation. Please find below the list that came to my mind
    Ebuddy It supports web based messenger for MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk, Facebook, ICQ, MySpace and AIM
    Yahoo Messenger The name says the story! Web based Yahoo! Messenger.

Hope this will enlighten your day.

Good Luck and Happy Chatting!

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