Installing Adobe Photoshop CS5 in Linux

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Okay, I’ve been all over the web looking for a solution for a problem I encountered with my recently downloaded Adobe Photoshop CS5 trial version from its website itself, and I found nothing that can really help me.

I have a Vaio laptop and I this is where I want the Photoshop CS5 installed. The latest version of wine is already installed on it. I am a newbie with regards to the usage of Linux and I totally promised to myself not to go back to Windows and Mac.

Now, every time I launch the photoshop.exe file the set-up process starts, it will even let me select the language, the trial version, etc. However, once it begins installing, error pops up telling me “Your installation encountered errors. Please try restarting your system and installing again. The setup encountered an error (-1) during install. Please restart the machine and try again.”

I tried rebooting my computer and installing it again but the same thing happens. Please help me.

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Installing Adobe Photoshop CS5 in Linux


The problem here may be that the setup application that you downloaded for Adobe Photoshop CS5 may be having issues, and therefore I will suggest that you go back to the manufacturer's website and try downloading the application again. After you have downloaded it, try installing it and see if it will work.

In case it does not, then there may be another procedure that needs to be used to install that application. Since you are using Linux, you may need to install that application from the command line. And therefore you should check the manufacturer's site where you downloaded and see if there is a document with commands to help you install the application from the command line.



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Installing Adobe Photoshop CS5 in Linux


I have a method that installs Photoshop on Linux Ubuntu but that is Adobe Photoshop CS2 and not Photoshop CS5. Though they are different versions, you might want to try it as well. Though Photoshop CS5 doesn’t officially support Linux Ubuntu, you can still install it using WINE compatibility layer. Here’s what you should do. First thing to do is to install WINE.

The best way to install WINE is from the Ubuntu repositories because it will also install the Winetricks script. Once installed, open Winetricks.

Next, select a wineprefix or just select the next task you want to do.

After this, select “Install a Windows DLL or component”.

Next, scroll down and check “gecko” and “vcrun6” and then click OK. Once installed, open Winetricks again and select “Install an app”, “Install a Windows DLL or component”, and then “Install a font”. Here, check “corefonts” and click OK.

Lastly, once WINE is installed, you can now install Adobe Photoshop CS5. To install Photoshop with WINE, right-click on the installer or setup file, point to Open With, and then select WINE Windows Program Loader. Follow the succeeding instructions to install Photoshop CS5. When it is finished, start Adobe Photoshop from the Unity Dash.

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