Installation not in progress resulting to error

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Hi Guys,

I need your assistance on this, i was in the middle of an installation when suddenly there was a power outage. After the power is back, my internet connection still did not work. After I got my internet working, my installation did not resume. And it seemed like I lost something on my computer. I would like to know what are those that were lost in the computer, or is there a way at all. And I would like to resume my installation because I already waited an hour for the installation process to finish and I don't want to wait again.


Sadah Yapsangco

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Installation not in progress resulting to error

You will be unfortunate if you have that kind of situation. If you gonna install Operating System it should be continuous especially during installation if some file will be missing on the installation i suggest you do it again. Reformat your file and reinstall your Operating System. I try that kind of incident when i first learn on computer. I try to troubleshoot but the problem still there. If you have already an existing file in your system, save it to another device as backup either USB or Hardisk. 
In this situation, Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS plays the important rule here. If you don't want this incident to be happen again buy UPS. This is the only solution i found on your problems.
Tony Stevenson 

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