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I need to install MySQL 5.1 on CentOS 5.5 but I need a step-by-step procedure. Can someone please help me?

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I have found a great source for the problem that you are now experiencing. I have a good step by step site for you to install your MySQL on your centos i will give you the link that will guide you to your problem. I hope this one will help you to become a more and better programmer. And this will also add knowledge for you on your programming skills Good luck in your life and have a good day enjoy your stay here with us. You are always welcome to ask question. 

The link for the guide on installing mysql on centos:

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MySQL is an RDBMS or a Relational Database Management System. It works as a server giving multi-user access to several databases. And since I think there’s no difference in the installation procedure of different versions of MySQL, one set of instruction may possibly apply to other versions. And since you are asking for MySQL 5.1, the method described here is done using MySQL 5.0.45 which is very close to your version. You can install MySQL using this command without double quotes: “yum install mysql-server mysql php-mysql”.

The next thing to do is to configure MySQL.

  • Enter without double quotes “chkconfig --levels 235 mysqld on” to start MySQL on boot.
  • Enter without double quotes “service mysqld start” to start the MySQL service.
  • To log on to MySQL, use without double quotes “mysql -u root”.
  • To set the root password for users on all local domains, enter:
    • SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('new-password');
    • SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'localhost.localdomain' = PASSWORD('new-password');
    • SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'' = PASSWORD('new-password');
  • Next is to drop Any user:
    • DROP USER ''@'localhost';
    • DROP USER ''@'localhost.localdomain';
  • Enter without double quotes “exit” to exit MySQL.

For a different method, see How to Install MySQL 5.6.

Sharath Reddy

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Thanks Brionas Brain and Sharath Reddy for your superb solutions. Really I can’t but love the for its essential information. Everyone's comments were right but Sharath, I was expecting an easy and step-by-step process to install MYSQL 5.1 which you have presented. Superb Sharath, your comments and suggestions are awesome. It is very understandable to the viewers who visit to this site. Actually, following your installing process now I am able to install my desired task, without your help I wouldn't be able to fortify this task. Thanks Sharath Reddy and Techyv too for endowing this post.