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Instagram for Corby 2 free download. Where can I download app's for Corby 2.


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Hi There,

To install Instagram on your Corby do the following.

1. Go to Android Market. That is now Google Play.

2. Find Instagram.

3. Click to download it.

Just follow these 3 simple steps and you will get it on your cell phone.


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Dear User,

You can’t install Instagram in your Samsung Corby 2. It doesn’t have the capability of installing it.

When an app is made,

And when you try to install it,

It requires certain capabilities. In this case, which your phone doesn’t have.

Thank you.

samsung Corby

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I agree with that. You can’t install Instagram on your Samsung Corby 2 because Instagram is an Android application and your mobile phone, Samsung Corby 2, is not. It’s not an Android phone.

Samsung Corby 2, I think, is one of the best selling handsets from Korea here in our country but if you are wondering if you can install any Android application in there, I think you cannot.

Samsung Corby 2 is not an Android phone. It runs on a proprietary operating system or an operating system made specifically by Samsung for its entry-level touchscreen phones. That’s why it won’t be able to run any Android applications like the one you are asking, the Instagram.

Samsung Corby 2 doesn’t have the key features of Android like the Android Market, Google Services Suite, and others. Samsung Corby 2’s operating system is called BADA. But if you have a different phone, an Android Smartphone, you can get Instagram from Ewnadoo | Instagram For Android Free Download.

Sharath Reddy