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Hello Experts,

I found my Laptop's screen image looking distorted and this makes it very difficult for me to work in this condition. I tried to search in some forums but have not got any clear answer. So I decided to post it here, where I hope to get a solution. I would be very thankful to you, upon providing a solution. The computer I have is a Dell Studio Laptop.
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Here you got the right person to answer your question Richard.

You see the problem, that you are facing may be because of two reasons; that may be a video Driver or may be a display problem. Let’s think positively at this point of time, that it could be a driver problem. Let me guide you in all angles to solve this problem.
First we need to confirm, whether this is a hardware problem or a software problem. By doing that we may decide what to do further.
To confirm that first we need to enter into the BIOS page. So I need you to restart the computer and since you said that it’s a Dell brand, you need to keep tapping the key (Fn+Esc ) or (Fn+F1) together, while the system restarts.
When you see a blue screen, that’s when you are at the BIOS page. Here we are not going to change anything but notice whether you still see the screen image distorted. If yes, then you need to contact the hardware support, if your product is still under warranty or even you can run diagnostics that is available in Dell Laptop, where they are called as PSA or PAID Diagnostics.
For information on how to do it. Kindly visit; where you have clear explanation for it or if you are not able to get that information, post a query. If I am around, at some time I may try to help you run diagnostics.
So when you see the Blue BIOS page clear and not distorted then I say, the problem may be with the driver or some peripherals like speaker with magnetic attraction may have disturbed. But there are less chances for a external speaker to be used since it has its own.
So let’s concentrate on drivers. There are two ways, where you can download the driver. One is by manually visiting the manufacturer website and the another one is from Device manager.
For manual updating a video driver, download at the above link. There you may be asked to key in, the Service tag. By keying that in, it may take you directly to the product of yours; so that you may download the concern Graphics card driver, that suits your system model. Just download it completely and install it.
Second method is from Device manager. Just Right click on Computer icon and click on Manage. Then you may see a window opened there, try to find Device manager, that may be at the left hand side of the page.
Click on that and on the middle area of the, page you may see the graphics card detected. Just click on that and below that comes your graphics card. Just right click on that and select properties; there select Drivers and click on update driver. While doing this, make sure you are connected to the internet.
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You are a genius. Thanks man for your time. It really helped me solve the problem.

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