Compatibility issue between IE and AOL

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I am having issues in my computer. I am using a Windows Vista machine.

My problem is, my Internet Explorer does not work with AOL. Even if I am not logged in at AOL, and even if I will exit AOL from the system tray. I am thinking there’s a conflict between the two.

However, I do not want to give up any of those. I tried using other browser, but I still liked Internet Explorer more than anything else. It works faster in all my favorite web pages that I am visiting unlike Mozilla and Netscape.

Are there any more options to make them both work at the same time?

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Compatibility issue between IE and AOL


Just for additional information, AOL works with Internet Explorer 9. AOL works even with other browsers too. Since you are having issues when using Internet Explorer, I suggest to please turn off the firewall and try to do a Powercycle on your computer. Powercycle is just like a rebooting your computer. Please follow the steps below:

  • Please turn off your computer.
  • Please turn off your router (if any).
  • Please turn off your modem.
  • After 60 seconds, please turn on the modem then the router (if any) then your computer.
Please make sure that you turn off the equipment in the right sequence.
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Compatibility issue between IE and AOL

Hi Bryan,
The problem is that when you installed the AOL software, it installed an AOL adapter in your computer's Network properties so that you will be able to make a 32-bit TCP/IP connection to AOL. To get around this problem, do these steps:
  • Go to Start > Control Panel.
  • Click Internet Options.
  • Open tab Connections.
  • On the bottom you will see Local Area Network Settings. Click on the LAN Settings button.
  • Uncheck the "Use the same proxy server for all protocols".
  • Clear the contents of all the boxes below the "Proxy addresses to use".
  • Click OK.
  • When it asks "Do you want to turn off the proxy connection?", click No.
Now you should be able to browse using your IE. Alternatively, you can get the newest version of Internet Explorer from:

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