Idap Errors in Development Version

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Hi. I'm facing some problems with the Development Version.

First of all, the settings still don't store for me, but this can be avoided by putting everything in the class-active-directory-employee-list.php file.

After that, I’m getting 2 errors when trying to search on a page with the shortcode, but the widget doesn't say anything.

Warning: ldap_search()[function.ldap-search]: Search: Bad search filter in: adLDAP extended.php on line 255

Warning: ldap_get_entries() expects parameter 2 to be resource, Boolean given in adLDAP-extended.php on line 259

Any help would be appreciated.


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Idap Errors in Development Version


Hi Hannah Timothy



 What caused this problem is, when you moved the data on class-active-directory-employee-list.php . You should just let the program run itself. If you are having a problem with its setting you can just simply contact their supports if you are having issues with it. But moving data`s class – active – directory – employee – list.php does not have any relation with the second warning that you posted.

This file adLDAP-extended.php is having a problem when you are trying to use the search command. The best way to fix the second issue is to Update your version if there is any new updates for it or you can simply just delete the file adLDAP-extended.php and then run the program again. After deleting it just simply run again your program and the program itself will make/ get another file similar to that.

NOTE: before deleting the file make a copy of it.

Good luck and contact me for any further questions


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