I want to see my CPU’s temperature

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I want to see my CPU’s temperature in Microsoft XP. Have any free utilities software to check my CPU’s temperature. It’s very urgent for me.

If anyone uses it please help me and describe me how it uses. Have any problem to check my CPU temperature?

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I want to see my CPU’s temperature


For checking temperature of the CPU you can purchase a third party software and these are quite available in the market. Everest is a kind of that.

You’ll love it as it requires less memory than others do and at the same time, it needs less processing overhead to run. It’s quite comfortable in Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 or 98.
You can rely on another one named SpeedFan to measure temperature of the CPU. It has a nice user friendly interface. More interestingly, you’ll get it free from the internet. You can easily monitor temperature of the hard disk, the voltage and control speed of the fan of the processor.
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I want to see my CPU’s temperature


CPU is the vital organ of a computer and treated as the heart of the system. Therefore, its status is an urgency to look after. You can take the following measurements.

1. Power on the computer. If it is already powered on, then you have to restart it.
2. You need to press Del key or F2 key to access to BIOS.
3. After going there, jump to PC Health Status or System Health or Sensor status.
Now you can easily figure out the temperature of CPU, motherboard or system.
If still you can’t find it out, you may go for a third party software like “RealTemp” and it will mean you the total scenario of CPU status.
You can download it from : https://www.techpowerup.com/realtemp/
There is other software like ""cputhermometer"" and you can get these from:
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I want to see my CPU’s temperature


Hi Reconosejeanely,

You can use hard disk sentinel to see your CPU’s temperature. It is software that you can get by accessing the site: https://www.hdsentinel.com/

It is a monitoring and analysis software.  Apart from just recording your CPU’s temperature, it also shows you the health, fluctuation in performance and failures hence enabling you to identify, diagnose and repair hard disk problems.

It should be downloadable from other sites too so just Google it and you will get a number of sites to choose from.

Make sure that you choose one that is compatible or is meant to be used in windows xp.

Hope this helps.




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