I Want to remove repeating rows from text file

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Respected members,

I have 92 MB text file and here is many rows that repeats and i want to remove repeating rows for this. I download this software from internet "Remove (Delete) Duplicate Lines & Words In Multiple Text Files S.exe" but this is not registered you tell me from where i can download its registered version or tell me other solution which you think this is best. If you provide me any software then that software should be registered.


1) Provide me registered version software if you can't provide registered version of this software you don't give answer.

2) Provide me some video tutorial or snapshot tutorial about its usage.


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I Want to remove repeating rows from text file


I'm going to assume that you are using Windows.

In windows there is a batch file scripting function. Therefore there is not need for a program to solve your problem.
Instead create a new file with the following codes:
@echo off
if {%1} EQU {} goto syntax
if not exist %1 goto syntax
set file=%1
set file="%file:"=%"
set work=%TEMP%%~nx1
set work="%work:"=%"
set work=%work:\=%
sort %file% /O %work%
del /f /q %file%
for /f "Tokens=*" %%s in ('type %work%') do set record=%%s&call :output 
goto :EOF
@echo ***************************
@echo Syntax: SortDup Input_File 
@echo ***************************
goto :EOF
if not defined prev_rec goto write
if "%record%" EQU "%prev_rec%" goto :EOF
@echo %record%>>%file%
set prev_rec=%record%
Save it as "SortDup.bat".
To use it, place it in the same folder as the text file that you wish to edit. Then open the command prompt, go into the location of the file is and type the following:
SortDup.bat somefile.txt
Replace somefile.txt with the text file name.

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