I want PHPtriad 2.11 basic details

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I heard about the new version of PHPtriad (2.11) is released. I am really interested in this software, but I can't understand its functions and such things like that. Can anybody give me some basic information about this software. I am really looking forward with this software.

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I want PHPtriad 2.11 basic details




PHPTriad is an integrated PHP development and server environment exclusively for Windows. It installs and sets up the environment of PHP, Apache, MySQL and PHPMyAdmin. This latest version amended all features and it now comes with Perl 5.

This application is highly competent because it consists of integrated server environments. You do not need to struggle looking for any other web hosting to create and test the server-site script.

PHPTriad allows you to install Apache server and working on your LAN .It works best on all Windows Operating Systems.

Here are some steps on how to install .

1.    Firstly, you have to download it here http://download.cnet.com/archive/3000-10248_4-6474268.html , and follow the    installation wizard . This installation will  basically extract the files into a specific directory, which is C:apache .

2.    After you complete the installation process, go to this folder C:apachemysqlbin and search for winmysqladmin file. Double-click this file to activate MySQL. WinMySQLAdmin window will pop-up to show that the activation process has now succeeded.

3.    Local host identification.View  local host name and local Ip address from your computer . Eg: Local host name :Newera , ip :

4.    To activate Apache server , you need to go to C:apache and search for Apache icon. Click the icon and DOS console will appear to show that your Apache server is now running.

5.    To ensure the server is running smoothly, open your internet browser and go to http://localhost and information on your PHPtriad will be shown in your browser.

6.    Use notepad to create your first PHP file

Eg : <?php print (“my first script”);?>

7.    Save the file into this directory C:apachehtdocs and name it

         eg: first.php. Choose Save as type : all files (*.*) .

8.    To run your PHP script, call it through your browser by typing http ://<local host name>/first.php. Your first script is now   done!





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