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Hi Experts,

I received an error box on Norton Internet Security while using the option “Get Support”.

It says “Windows cannot find”.

It also says ‘’.

Make sure you type the name correctly, and then try again.

To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click Search” The same thing also happened while trying Live Update, Norton Recovery Tools etc.

Please help me to solve the issue.

Thanks in advance.

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The reason for that error message may be the server of the particular message may be down.

Try to accesses the get support option after some period of time.

If the problem still continues then go to its official website for support.

To get support for Norton click on the below link.

Norton support

Thank you.

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Hi there user:

It may be due to a wrong link or newly change/upgrade link from the Norton Internet Security Support Team. Just hit Ok and then exit. Browse to your Explorer to get the support of Norton Internet Security. I suppose your version needs to get upgrade (as for them) to get an update from the support team. Download the update to your unit so you won’t experience this issue.    

Thanks for your query.

Best regards,

Edmund Joseph