I need tips on how to qa test a GIF banner

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Hi.  I just finished my first ever website and I'm trying to insert a clickable animated static ad banner.  How do I know if my GIF banner works?  I need help on how to qa test a GIF banner.  Thanks in advance.

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I need tips on how to qa test a GIF banner


Hello Dorothy

For the GIF banners all you have to know about GIF is that its group of images in one images they are moving in sequence, and you can create them easily using for example flash or shockwave and these kind of programs, how ever they are treated as images within HTML language and many other languages .

All you have to do is to add such a code :

<img href="the address where the image leads to" src="image location on the server" > </img>

And for a php you would add <?php echo " <img href='the address where the image leads to' src='image location on the server' > </img> ?>

And it'll work, however it depends on the language, to test if it works all you have to do is opening the site from you local drive.



Browen Courtemanche

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I need tips on how to qa test a GIF banner



I am going to factor out several factors that you should take into account when doing a QA evaluate, this kind of evaluate is commonly used to determine the high top quality of a given item. The vital thing to do is to come up with a record of well described goals and targets, this is because not everyone who functions this evaluate have similar goals and objectives, make sure that you take your customers into account, this is because the primary aim of this evaluate is to make sure that you attract more customer and meet their needs.

Come up with a workable strategy, this will details you in a systematic way on how you will produce your products, industry and propagate them to your customers. You should know that this evaluate is usually conducted on a continuous base, it allows you make to your products better, set affordable fees and improve your speed and agility in service delivery.This will allow take a position above your challenger.

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