I need to know what exactly CPU usage means

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Good day.

Please, I need to know what exactly CPU usage means and if there’s a way for me to monitor it.

After two days of using it, I noticed that it’s already running around 16%, and I want to know what it means.

I have unlimited broadband and bandwidth but I have no idea what CPU usage is.

I have read negative reviews in Arvixe where CPUs and the accounts were either cancelled or blocked. I don’t want this to happen to me because I’m a starting in the service field and I want to make a good impression.

I just want to know if professional accounts are bound by the same rules such as Arvixe’s or if they are operating on a different platform.

I hope you can help me.

Thank you. 

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I need to know what exactly CPU usage means



As i read your question i have some explanation and i hope it will answer your problem regarding what is CPU usage means.

If you are talking about the CPU usage at the task bar it means that its just monitoring of software program running in your computer desktop or laptop.

The percentage that are showing in CPU usage indicating how much the capacity of your processor use by the system this are the software program that currently running to your computer desktop or laptop.

Take note sometimes when you reach the max of it cost a problem on your computer the process of your Software application become slower and laggy also. And i advice also please check always when opening multiple Software application it may cause a heavy and max the percentage of CPU usage.

I hope it will answer and help you to solve your problem.

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I need to know what exactly CPU usage means


Hello there!

CPU usage indicates the workload of your computer. If you have a high rate of CPU usage, you might need to upgrade it or add more processors. It might also indicate that there is a poorly tuned application running in your computer.

Also, a high rate of CPU usage can result to a slow computer.

To monitor your CPU usage, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and select Task Manager. Go to the Performance tab. You will see the CPU usage percentage and the CPU usage history.

To continue monitoring your CPU usage, minimize the task manager and there will be a green icon in your taskbar. Hover your mouse in the icon and you will see the percentage of the CPU usage.

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I need to know what exactly CPU usage means


CPU usage has nothing to do with your internet connection or with the bandwidth itself because they are two different things. CPU usage is a term used to describe the amount of processing used by the processor or how much of the processor is working. The CPU usage on a computer differs based on the kind of tasks being performed by the processor.

On a computer, CPU usage can be monitored so you know how much of the processor is being used. This is no different for websites because websites run or hosted on huge servers which are also computers. When your website receives a lot of traffic, this may lead to high CPU usage on the server. But this is not the only factor that determines the CPU usage on websites.

The following describes several common software issues that may lead to high CPU usage for websites:

  • Uncontrolled search engine spiders and automated robots activity.
  • When a website is hacked.
  • More than one WordPress websites.
  • Inefficient or useless scripts and too much add-ons, extensions, plug-ins, or modules.
  • Recurrent cron jobs or scheduled tasks.
  • Spam comment.
  • High volume of web traffic.

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