I need help on this unexpected internal error

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Hi guys,

I desperately need some help on this unexpected internal error that I came across. Thanks in advance for any help.


Internal Error

An internal error occurred 
list index out of range
The program will try to continue but might behave in unexpected ways. Please consider restarting the 
program to avoid such side effects.
To help us fixing the error in future versions relevant information including:
licensenumber: XXXX.XXXX.XXXX.XXXX
system: 5, 1, 2600, 2, 'Service Pack2'
version: 2.0
and debug info will be submitted to 
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I need help on this unexpected internal error


Try following what was advised in the error message that you should be doing. Click Ok on the dialog box and then open the application again. See if you will receive the same error again. If the program runs ok then you are good to go. But if an error appears again, try uninstalling the application and then install it back.

This will fix any corrupted files in the installation and will restore its settings back to default including some that you might have customized. Try opening the program again after reinstalling it and see if it works now.

If it still doesn’t work, check the system requirements of the application to see if your computer really is compatible with this software.

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I need help on this unexpected internal error


Hello Myrna,

It seems like whichever program that is throwing the internal error has a license that has reached its expiry date, and therefore you will need to renew the license. If the error is not due to license issues, you might want to reinstall the application for it seems to be corrupt.



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