I need help with Samsung M2 open case

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My 500 GB Samsung M2 USB 3.0 recently stopped working.  When I put it in a USB slot, it still lights up but no spinning sound.  Also, my desktop does not detect it anymore.  Would you recommend if I open the case and plug it directly into my PC via SATA?  I need feedback with Samsung M2 open case.  Thanks.

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I need help with Samsung M2 open case


Hi Claraj,

How long have you been using 500 GB Samsung M2 USB 3.0 before it stops working? Does it still have the warranty? If yes, I would not advise you to open the case. You may send this to your respective Samsung Service Center for them to check the issue for you.  If not, you may do the following verification.

  1. Aside from your desktop, try to plug this to another computer or laptop.
  2. You may also work this with a PS3.
  3. Open the case, get the hard drive and plug it into your computer. You may use the drive SATA or IDE.

Hope that helps!

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I need help with Samsung M2 open case




In case if installation of drivers does not work you can do the following :

1. Change the USB cable. Try to get one with two USB heads.

2. Open the case and connect directly to your HDD with the board of your PC with a Data cable.  Make sure you place also the power cable. 

If the first and second option will not work then you got a serious problem with your HDD. Maybe an internal physical damage. 

If the data inside it is very important I would not suggest you open the heads yourself but take it to a professional. 




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