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Can I install OpenGL on a virtual machine created with VMware Workstation 7.1. I have installed Photoshop CS5 and it requires this video library for some graphical processes i need. Normally it would have been all installed but on the VM the graphics are emulated and the drivers are different.

I really appreciate some help on this matter.

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hello. Virtual machines today now supports 3d acceleration and openGL with direct X 8.1 and higher. By this, u can play many games and supports many softwares.

Generally there's no need for you to install your openGl software because as you said, virtual machines emulated graphics and drivers.

The only thing you can do is to go to check the box on virtualMachine->Settings->Display->Accelerate 3D graphics to enable the acceleration of your graphic card. Its an advantage for us to run virtual machines because we wont need to install many drivers just to run our system smoothly.

Just enjoy the features virtual machine offered to us.

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Actually, you can use anything on a virtual machine. You can even install a different version of Windows on it if your system has a big RAM installed on it. If you are a programmer and you can program almost any thing, you can use this environment to test your program codes.

This is also a good testing ground for your virus programs, if you are writing one.

You can install any applications that use OpenGL in a virtual machine. But your graphics card must also support the OpenGL component or else, it would only be useless to install such an application but your video card can’t support it.

You have to check your graphics card first if it supports OpenGL and if it doesn’t, you have to replace it with the one that uses or supports OpenGL.

Sharath Reddy