I need help with drop up in jQuery

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Hi.  Is there a multi-tiered plugin where I'll have a drop up in JQuery instead of a drop down menu?  Someone lending me a code would also be ok.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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I need help with drop up in jQuery


It is possible to write your own source code to design a drop down menu to open upward, or as you call it, a drop-up menu.

For this, you will need to modify your CSS for the drop-down menu and replace the top value with a negative value.



.dropdown {
    border:1px solid #CCC;
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I need help with drop up in jQuery


You can find many simple dropdown jQuery plugin over the internet whereas you can modify the content and just use the code. Most of it is free download.

I attached here a sample dropdown you can use. But you make sure you upload together with your html code the query that is attached here because it is important so the drop down menu will function properly. In the HTML code, it will create your main navigation and represents like an unordered list of the items on your menu. It also contains the styling of your menu on which you modify depends on the design you would like to see. Lastly, it also has the script where it will call on how the submenu will show when you mouse over the button.

Note: Kindly save the HTML code into .html and the JQUERY code into .js

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