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I am funny and sometimes do fun with my intimate friends. I want to send them some text file anonymously and after someday I will bring out their matter to make laughter. Is there any way to anonymous text messaging file?

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Hi Ericson Eric,

Send text file anonymously. How do you want to send the message?

Is it by email or by SMS?

If you want to send anonymous text file by email you can view this link and follow the instruction on how to send files anonymously.

If you want to it in SMS just refer to this link.

Hope it helps. Thanks

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Hello Ericson Erick,

I will recommend a few solutions to you asking. 

1. If you want to send SMS you can use Armsms Anonymous SMS Messaging, it`s paid service but it`s reliable or  ‚Äč Unlimited free texting which is free

2. If you want to send E - mail then you can use Send Anonymous Email or Silentsender Share Your Secret Safely both are absolutely free

I hope that will help you.

Good luck!


Nathan H Underwood