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Author: Gene powell
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I am assembling a computer and every time I try to run Windows 7 disk from the DVD drive the mouse and keyboard stops working. I am unable to access the system bios as USB ports also stop working.

I wanted to know whether the problem has to do with the power supply or the motherboard.

Need urgent help.

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Hello Gene.

Is your keyboard PS/2 or USB?  The freezing up of your mouse and keyboard could be because of failing USB ports.  If your motherboard has a PS/2 port for the keyboard, please try to connect a PS/2 keyboard.

At this point it is difficult to determine whether it is your motherboard or just the power supply that is failing.  Replace the power supply with a known good one and see if that helps.  If it does, then you have found the cause of the problem.  If it doesn't, check your motherboard for any bloated capacitors.  If it is the USB ports that are failing, you can purchase a PCI USB controller card so you can have working USB ports again.

  I must warn you though that USB ports on add-on cards are accessible only when you are already within the OS.  That means your USB keyboard and mouse will not work until after Windows (or any OS) has already loaded the driver for the PCI card.

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Hi there , 

It seems you are having trouble with Keyboard and or mouse. You are using your Keyboard and or mouse through USB right. 

You must know that Older motherboards and some exceptional motherboards does not detect Keyboard and or Mouse at Startup. They need OS dependent drivers for their detection.

I Think your PC has P/S 32 Pins .

1. Please buy a USB to P/S 32 pin converter and then Plug into your PC and then Try . It sure gonna work.

2. Or else buy a P/S 32 Supported Keyboard and mouse.

Do check by plugging in a USB flash drive into your PC USB ports and then check if its LED is blinking , If not then Your Motherboard USB 5.0 volt power is malfunctioned . 

If any of the above steps fail . Contact MB manufacturer.

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I resolved now my mouse and keyboard problems every time I install Windows 7. Credit to Lesten Pasio! Truly you are a specialist because you had fixed my computer problems.

Absolutely it works.

Thanks to techyv, through this, step by step, it clearly shows how it will be done.