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When I get a prompt that says the system could not locate XLQUERY when I try to access a file, and that pursuing further might lead to inaccuracies; where in the process did I make a mistake and what are steps I can take to resolve this problem?

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Yes, many people face this XLQUERY problem.

The XLQUERY.xla file is located in C: drive > Program File >Microsoft Office >Office11 >Library>Msquery.

The probable causes are:

  • This file has been damaged.
  • The file is attacked by Virus or Trojan.
  • The file has been removed.  
  • The excel file you are working is saved or created in Excel 5.0/95 format.  When this happens, excels files query job is unable to access the XLQUERY file in a proper manner. Thus, an error is generated regarding XLQUERY file.

My suggestions are:

  • In case of damage, reinstall office program or excel program again.
  • Reinstall Windows and antivirus. Scan the whole PC with the antivirus and install office program.
  • Make a backup of XLQUERY.xla from C: drive > Program File > Microsoft Office > Office11 > Library > Msquery. When the file is damaged or missing again, just replace it from the backup.
  • Save the excel file in the current version’s excel format.


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