I get this error in eclipse

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I get this error in eclipse and I am not able to update eclipse. I don't identify why this happens. Please someone help. 

Problem Occurred

Unable to read repository at http://subeclispe.trgris.org/update_1.8x/contained.xml. org.eclipse.equinax.p2.core.ProvisionException

                                       OK          Details

Thanks a lot.

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I get this error in eclipse


Dear effieclyde,

Check to see if you are using a firewall that is preventing this software from accessing its online repository. It seems to be an access problem. Check your firewall settings and add an exception for eclipse's activities.

Grant it permission to access the internet. Also, if firewall is not the culprit or you do not use firewall, try disabling your antivirus software once and then try again.

Hope this helps.

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I get this error in eclipse


Hallo Effie,

Are you updating directly from the internet? If that is so you will need to ensure that your internet connection is strong enough for the update to be successful. In case there is no internet connection or the connection is tripping then you will get such an error. You can check the network cables just to ensure that they are properly connected, and if you are using wireless network try moving to a place that has got a strong signal.

Also check the antivirus settings as well as the firewall and ensure that the application is not being blocked by any one of them from updating successfully.



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