I cannot see my saved file using Robot Structural Analysis

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Hey guys,

I use Robot Structural Analysis by Autodesk here at my office. Can anyone please help me to overcome this problem which I am facing for a couple of days now? I created a model and saved the data file onto my local computer hard drive, everything was fine I could edit the file or do whatsoever on it.

The problem came when I moved the model file from my hard drive to the shared drive here at my office networks just because my buddies could also use file, and now they can view the file, open it or edit it. But when I try to open this file all I see is a blank screen and where is model???

I can’t see it anymore. I have to ask my colleagues to view MY file and tell me what I want to know!! Come on, I created that model and I can’t view it! I moved the file back from the server to its previous location and everything is good again. I don’t know why this happening.

Please tell me what to do! I even tried to use the file in robot mode but it gave me the following error:

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I cannot see my saved file using Robot Structural Analysis


I think this is a network problem particularly your computer’s network connection to the computer where the shared drive is located. You will receive a different error message if ever you don’t have enough rights to view the object file but instead here you got a blank screen when viewing it on your workstation.

Since this is the problem when leaving it on the shared drive, why not create a copy of the model file on your local computer so you will have it both on your computer and on the shared drive.

You may also try checking your computer for any possible errors. It is possible that your computer has a problem because you are the only one who can not access or view the object file while others can freely access and edit it.

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