I cannot save my Illustrator page.

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I created an image but cannot save that page anyway. Can you tell me, how I can save that page?

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I cannot save my Illustrator page.


Hello there, there a little bit of confusion in your question, like how are you going to save the image file in the adobe illustrator. Am I correct? If yes, what format?

Well since you haven’t have a detailed explanation in your question, I will just explain to your briefly, how you can save a file in a jpeg format using Adobe illustrator okay? Once your done with your image of course you will save the file.
To do this. At the top of your Illustrator software, click the file > save for web, then a box will appear you will then look for the settings section, in the box you will see GIF, you will drop this box down and just select JPEG, then type the file name in the name field then click save.
It’s done.

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