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My computer is Dual core. Some time i face one problem.

When i open my computer then it cannot found any sound.

But PC is running. I open any song but problem is same. Cannot found song.

I check my speakers jack and every parts of computer then i see everything is ok.

After a few minute i restart my computer then i got sound.

So what can i do and what is solve for it?

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Your configuration is pretty good. But this problem often occurs in a good PC containing good configuration. I also face problem like yours.  I think your sound system driver is backdated or old. You have to update it. If you are using a soundcard you have to download the driver from the soundcard company. If you have a built-in soundcard download the driver from your motherboard  company site. You can also re-setup your Windows.

You can install Windows XP SP3 or Windows 7 32-bit or 64 bit. If you have a built-in soundcard, you will buy a new soundcard. There are soundcard companies such as Creative, Yamaha etc. But Creative soundcard is the best. So, you can solve your problem in the above mentioned way. I hope your problem will be solved. Enjoy your music.

Thank you

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Check whether the sound drivers have been disabled. To enable the drivers go to the start menu – right click on my computer – click on manage – device manager – click on sound, video and game controllers and see what is the name of the sound device.

If the sound device has been disabled, right click on the icon to enable the device. If the sound driver is not listed, click on the other devices and click on the multimedia audio controller. Right click on the icon and click on update the driver.

Follows the installation and after you finish restart the computer.

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Check on all the cables connected from your computer to your speakers. There might be some cables that are not properly connected or might be damaged already.

So you need to replace it with a new one. Try to find an update for your sound driver as well. Just simply go to your sound manufacturer's website and search for available updates. Speakers easily get damaged when placed beside your CPU, so do not place it beside your CPU.

And lastly, to identify the real problem, disconnect your speaker and then connect it to another computer. If it works properly, then there might be some settings problem on your computer.

If it works the same, then you may need to replace it with a new one.