I can not open Photoshop File

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Whenever I tried to open Photoshop, the following error message popped up:

PHOTOSHOP caused a general protection fault in module HPFWIN08.DLL at 0013:00003b8e.


EAX=00000000 CS=6dcf EIP=00003b8e EFLGS=00000246

EBX=0000784e SS=4ba7 ESP=000074e6 EBP=000074f4

ECX=00000000 DS=4fff ESI=00000000 FS=0000

EDX=00004ba7 ES=0000 EDI=0000786e GS=0000

Bytes at CS: EIP:

26 c4 34 66 26 8b 8c ca 00 8e c2 66 26 89 0f c4

Stack dump:

000055a7 0000016f 4ba70000 78dc2a07 576f2f6b 4ba7784e 00000000 00000001 00000000 131f05af 3a40016f 504877ed 73654420 74654a6b 30373620 72655320

I tried to reinstall it but failed and got the same message.  I need to use it ASAP. Please, help me by providing with any idea.                      

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I can not open Photoshop File


You need a newer version operating system, or at the very least some very recent revisions / plug ins. There's been so many updates to software since win 98 that you may just have a techno hang up there..

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I can not open Photoshop File


I recommend you simply reinstall the program, it might permit you to "fix present install"and when you reach that option, do it. The problem might be due to your processor. You've an Intel Primary Duo on your Macbook Professional. Photoshop requires a minimum of an Intel Primary 2 Duo processor chip with 64-bit assistance. You will find the program requirements detailed with the program. If it fails, then you can find enough kernel adjustments on the compacted Snow Leopard with which old programs are probably not compatible. You will need to either improve Photoshop or perhaps downgrade OSX.

Many thanks.

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