Could Not Login to Skype

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Skype is the one I've been using to make internet calls. It really helps me communicating easier to my clients. Yesterday, I got problems logging in to it. I know I am entering the correct Skype name and password. It didn't give me an error and it just goes back to the login screen not displaying any error.

I tried rebooting my pc to see if that could help but it didn't work. My OS is Windows 7 and working fine with Skype until yesterday. For the meantime I am using a different instant messenger program.

If someone knows a fix, feel free to put your suggestions here.

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Could Not Login to Skype


Hi Good Day,

Try this solution follows this tutorial.

Try to double check first your account info.
You can reset your Skype password to this Forgotten your password
Remember your email info they send the reset code
And go back to Skype and enter the info.

(If unsolved try the tutorial below)
Reinstall Skype:
Step 1. Download Skype here Offline Installer
Step 2. Locate the file and double click Skype
Step 3. Click I agree – Install
Step 4. Wait for the installation.
Step 5. Click Cancel
Step 6. Start Skype and login your Skype information
Hope everything is fine now.
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Could Not Login to Skype


I think this problem can be easily i am giving you a solution.

1. Close Skype.

2. Make a right click on the Skype icon (at the bottom right corner of your screen).

3. Choose quit.

4. Make sure that “Show hidden files and folders” is switched on.

5. Go to start menu, go to run.

6. Type "control folders" and click ok.

7. Select the view tab and make sure that "Show hidden files and folders " enabled

8. Search the shared.xml file. may be it's in(C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorApplication dataskype) or use the search option in the start menu.

9.delete the file(shared.xml)

10. Restart Skype. The shared.xml file will be created again automatically.

11.hope in this time you can sign in.

I hope this will solve your problem if not please try reinstallation.

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Could Not Login to Skype

Sharon! No need to worry sometime problem occurs in programs. As you mentioned you're sure about, you're entering the correct password. Well, go to 'Start' then 'Control Panel', 'Add or Remove/ Uninstall software if you're using Windows 7' and uninstall Skype. Reboot your OS, and again install Skype. Hope it will work.
Another option is to click on 'Forget your password' option on the Skype login page and change your password then try.

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