I am having a problem installing IMAQ Vision 6.

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I have IMAQ Vision 6 which I would like to install on my computer. I keep getting a warning that I cannot use the program without installing Microsoft .NET Environment. I checked my system and I realized that I already have the .NET installed. What could be the problem that is associated with the error. I have other applications that also require .NET environment to function and they are just working fine.

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I am having a problem installing IMAQ Vision 6.



You can install IMAQ Vision 6 in your computer by inserting the IMAQ Vision Deployment Engine CD in your PC. Open the DVD/CD Drive in your Computer and follow the instructions therein. Choose the IMAQ Vision 6 installer to install IMAQ Vision 6.0.1.

If you do not have IMAQ Vision 6.0.1 in your PC, go to this website and download a free software upgrade.

You can also check the system requirements for you to be able to install IMAQ Vision 6 on your computer that comes with every software purchase in the IMAQ Vision release notes. You must also make sure that you are not using the same license to install the IMAQ Vision 6 on a second computer.

Each PC needs its own license.

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I am having a problem installing IMAQ Vision 6.





Encountering the .NET problem fairly common and this problem is very easy to fix. Having .NET installed does not mean that the all the programs that requires .NET will work. Most programs that are done today are based around the latest .NET update which is version 4.5. As for this matter, IMAQ Vision 6 requires the latest .NET which is available here:



In order to prevent this problem from reoccurring in the future, you should always update your .NET. Do not be confused with the different names for .NET such as: .NET framework or .NET Environment, as they are both the same.




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