HP laptop DVD burner getting this error message

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I was trying to burn a disk image to my HP laptop DVD burner but I get this following error message when it starts to write.

Have any idea to fix this issue?

I really want your suggestion to resolve this error as soon as possible.

Help me with proper solution step by step.


ImgBurn I/O Error


I/O Error:

Device [4:2:0] HL-DT-ST BD-REBH10LS30 1.00(G) (RAID)


Interpretation: Check Condition

CDB:S3 00 00 00 00 00 19 C3 E3 00

Interpretation: Reserve Track – Sectors: 1.688.544

Sense Area: F0 00 05 00 00 00 00 0A 53 00 00 0C 24 00 00 C0 00 0S

Interpretation: Invalid Field in CDB

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HP laptop DVD burner getting this error message


 Hi William,

  An I/O error is a device error, when an operating system is not able to perform an input/output action (such as copying or reading the data), or vanities accessing a drive or disk.

This error commonly occurs with the different types of hardware devices like.

1. CD-ROM or DVD drives

2. External drives

3. USB flash drives

4. SD cards

 Basic steps to take when you get this error:

1. Restart your computer, and then try to access the drive or a disk again.

2. Use a lens cleaner to make dust free LENS.

3. Use a cleaner Cloth to clean the disk.

Apart from these steps, you should know how to do it in a logical way also, just go to the device manager and check whether any drivers are missing, you can easily find out if a driver is missing, it will appear in color at the drive which are not installed properly or a driver doesn't have. In this case you have to update the driver and restart your PC/laptop.

If the problem is fixed then okay otherwise follow this, (recommended only for expert users) Actually it may also be a hardware issue, for this my solution is:

This might be a connection problem, such as bad cable.

You should not try to change cables inside a Laptop or a portable computer.

If that cable fails, the drive will not work correctly. You should not try to change cables inside a laptop, so you should take that  to an authorized service center. They will make a free connection of a failed or a loose cable, this might solve your problem.

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