HP Error Situation Code: 32525754

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Hi there,

I am using Windows 7, 32-bit edition OS on a Dell Inspiron with 2GB RAM and plenty of free hard drive space available.

I have been unable to install the HP Software on the same, used for my Photosmart printer.

Please find the screenshot of the error.

Error Situation Code: 32525754
 The following lines were retrieved from the installation error logs.
 +000000000000017571840|s|Now Launching=X:hpzprl01.exe -inf -m preload drivers -| XXX -f "X:hpoins35.dat" -Validate No dat" –  Validate No
SetupINFsListedInDatFile failed with Fatal error during installation.
Exit code=1603
Please help me fix this weirdo!
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HP Error Situation Code: 32525754


Hallo Jai,

I don't the error is as a  result of the hard disk space you have, but rather due to compatibility issues. You are using Windows 7 32 bit edition and therefore you have to be sure that the HP software is 32 bit edition. If it not you will need to get a version that is for you to be able to install it successfully.




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HP Error Situation Code: 32525754


Hello Zadok hope the following steps will guide you in fixing of this Issue.

–> As you are using windows 7 operating system and as you are trying to install the HP software, it might not be worked due to errors with the operating system currently you have installed in the system.

–> Windows 7 is the best OS when compared to XP as many of the drivers will be pre installed in the Windows 7 OS and once check the properties of Computer by going to Manage and then Devices and Drives and there if there is? With yellow symbol then it mean that you have not configured correctly if not kindly refresh the Devices and drivers then the issue will be resolved.



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HP Error Situation Code: 32525754


I wish you mentioned the model number of your HP Photosmart printer so it would be much easier to analyze the situation. At first, it’s hard to say if your computer is compatible with the printer’s software. But thinking that you are using Windows Vista, there should be no problem using the program for the printer.

All HP Photosmart All-in-One models support the same range of operating systems. For Microsoft Windows, HP Photosmart supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. For Mac OS X, it supports Mac OS X 10.3 and 10.4.

If you are installing the program via CD then there is probably something wrong with the media or the disc. Any scratches on the surface of the CD will make it harder for the optical drive to read its contents especially during the installation. Another way of installing it is to copy the CD’s contents onto your hard drive.

After copying all its contents, launch the installer you copied into your hard drive instead of the CD. This also improves the speed of the installation because it is much faster to read data from the hard drive than from the disc. If still nothing happens, try installing the application again while your printer is turned on and connected to your computer.

The program probably needs to detect the device to successfully install the driver. Plug your printer in the power outlet, connect it to your computer via printer port or using a USB cable, and then turn it on. Run the installer and then see if it’ll install successfully.

Sharath Reddy


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