How was a huge data lost on oracle?

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We have lost a huge amount of data and we have no idea how it happened. We have this HP-UX 11.11 running Oracle version which lost hundreds GB’s worth of data.

I don’t think though that it would have been an accident nor it could have been done manually since doing so would take a long time. Also, the AUD$ log doesn’t reflect any user activity during the time window of 24 hours since the data was deleted.

I kept on seeing the error message saying “ORA-1650 exists (ORA-1650: unable to extend rollback segment R01 by 640 in table space RBS)”.

I am hoping you could tell how it is possible for the computer to lose such amount of data in an instant and for the computer not to have a record of it.

Thank you very much. 

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How was a huge data lost on oracle?


Hello Marky Cielo,

You may have used a DML delete statement which could have erased all the data you had created in oracle. You can try using the UNDO tablespaces command and see if it will be able to recover the lost data.

Another thing that I will advise that you do is the SQL show parameter audit to look through the audit destination directory so as to see if any activities involving the delete operation were performed resulting to the loss of the data.

In case you have backups of the data that you did prior to the loss, then I will advise that you try restoring the database to the point where the error had not occurred yet and see if you will retrieve them.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh babu


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