How to view PDF files on tablet?

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Reading books has been my passion and I used my PC to read PDFs until now.

But with my new job, traveling time has increased and I'm hoping to buy a tablet to do a bit reading while traveling.

But I've heard that some of them don't support PDFs.

I would appreciate if you could tell, whether there is any software to help view PDF files on tablet and also which tablets support PDFs.


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How to view PDF files on tablet?


Viewing or Reading PDF files on a Tablet PC is very simple.

Whether you received the PDF file as an attachment in an EMail, or transferred the file from your PC, this app will work for you.

Download the Adobe Reader app from Google Play or at the Amazon AppStore for Android.

Once you have downloaded and installed this free app, you will be able to open PDF files on your Android tablet PC including PDF email attachments, password protected PDF files, etc.

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How to view PDF files on tablet?



It is a great idea to buy a tablet for making yourself active during traveling.

Don’t be tense, most of the tablets are supported PDF files or support PDF readers.

But although you should know the features you want. Now choose one tablet for yourself and then confirm about the features by searching on Google or other search engine.

Adobe Reader is one of the most popular and affective free PDF readers.       

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How to view PDF files on tablet?


For Android Tablet PC it supports the  viewing of PDF files. But some Tablet PCs don't support due to the reason that you need to install a software that supports the viewing of files.

You can surf the internet and download it directly to your tablet PC and install the downloaded software. After you install the software you can now views or reads your PDF files that you want to read. For alternative download, just click the link below:

I hope the link will help you.

Thank you.


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How to view PDF files on tablet?



Bryan, Its a good idea to get a Tablet. It is a misconception that the Tablets do not support PDF. Today almost every Tablet PC supports PDF files, or you can download an application for opening PDF file. There are a number of applications available on internet.

For example if you are planning to buy an Android based tab then you can find relevant application on Play store or from this link

Or if you want to buy iPad you can download applications from iTunes

But if you want to buy Tablet specially for PDF reading I suggest you to buy Amazon Kindle.

Hope this helps.



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