How to unlock fps to boost gaming speed.

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I know that some of the games played online and offline sometimes slows while playing, making the game experience much worse. I have heard of the term FPS( frame per second) before. Every game has a specified fps on it. is there way to unlock fps and make it in a higher rate to boost the game speed? 

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How to unlock fps to boost gaming speed.



I don't know what you meant by unlocking FPS, but it's apparent that you don't know much about how graphic cards work.

I guess you meant to ask how to get the best FPS from a certain game or all of your games. Tell us, which kind of graphics card have you installed in your system? Which games do you play? How much RAM do you have? 

FPS is frames per second. Certain FPS are nice standards where most games run smoothly. 

Crysis 2 will start stuttering around 25-30 FPS. For smooth gameplay it requires 30+ FPS. 

Moreover, FPS isn't something you can toggle on and off. You have to configure it with right computer components, cards, settings, etc. 

There are ways to get an extra 10-20 FPS. You would just need some tweaking. 



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