How to transfer mp3 from pc to nokia c3

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This should be a simple job, but I cannot transfer MP3 from PC to Nokia C3. It is the first time I am trying to do that, so please if someone can explain me how to do that, should I use Bluetooth?

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How to transfer mp3 from pc to nokia c3



Hello David,

Most mobile phones have a memory card in it. You need to have a Memory card reader for you to transfer the files. If already you have the required reader. Let's get started.

Here's what you need to do:

1.   Insert your Memory card to your Memory card reader. 

2.   Insert your Memory card reader's cable to your PC.

3.   Go to your Computer by going to Start Menu>Computer.

4.   You should now see the Memory cards directory.

5.   Now go to your MP3 files and copy it.

6.   Bo back to your memory stick directory and find the folder that's usually named audio or music I (depending on your Mobile's content).

7.   Paste it there by pressing CTRL+ V or by right click and choose paste.

8.   That's It. Safely Remove your Memory card properly.

9.   Insert back your Memory stick to your phone and you now should be able to navigate to your MP3 via media.

Good luck David.


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