How to transfer Mac images to video file?

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Dear Techyv members. I'm curious how to transfer Mac images to video file and upload it in YouTube? Is this possible in any way? Please include a step by step process for this kind of transfer. I would also appreciate if you will give me an overview of this one. Is there a specific download for this?

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How to transfer Mac images to video file?




You can use iMovie application to add images to a music track. In this way, you can create a video file (. mov) that you can upload on YouTube. To do this, open your iMovie application and follow these steps:

Adding an image to the music track

1.   Put your chosen image to the project area .

2.   Do this also to your chosen audio track.

Adjusting the image to fit well on the audio track just to make sure that it will look good on YouTube

1.   Go to Gear Menu.

2.   Click Clip Adjustment then copy the number that you can see in the Source Duration.

3.   Put your mouse on the image thumbnails then a gear will appear. Click that gear.

4.   Go to Clip Adjustment again, then enter the number that you copied in step number 2 in Duration.

5.   Then click Done.

Saving your new file

1.   Go to Share menu

2.   Then select Export Using Quicktime.

3.   Choose a name for your new file then Save

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How to transfer Mac images to video file?


Hi Rydersalvadorr,

You can use Adobe Premier Pro or Adobe After Effects for better video editing and film making with pictures and audio, it is also available in mac platform. However, these applications are complex so I would suggest you to go and search for the Adobe Premier or Adobe After Effects section for tutorials, also, there are video tutorials on YouTube that can help you out, just key in the product name followed by the word 'tutorial' and you will see a list of available videos ready for you


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