How to Solve Blue Screen Error

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I am using my personal computer last night when suddenly blue screen appeared.

I am trying to boot up my computer again, but the system crashed down.

How can i resolve this issue?

A problem has been detected and Windows has been shutdown to prevent damage to your computer

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How to Solve Blue Screen Error


BlueScreen errors may be caused by either a software problem or a hardware problem.This article contains steps that you can take to try to resolve only software problems. If you cannot resolve the problem by following these steps, you might be experiencing a hardware problem. In that case, you need to contact your computer manufacturer or a computer hardware technician for help with hardware.
1.If you cannot start Windows, go to the Use Startup Repair section.

Startup Repair is a Windows recovery tool that can fix certain problems, such as missing or damaged system files that might prevent Windows from starting correctly. When you run Startup Repair, it scans your computer for the problem and then tries to fix it so that your computer can start correctly. If you cannot start Windows, Startup Repair may run automatically. If it does not run automatically, try to run it manually. For information about how to run Startup Repair manually, see the following Help and How-to topic:

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How to Solve Blue Screen Error


Hi dear,

This is due to dust. Clean your computer of dust with the help of  an air blower. Remove all the components from the motherboard and clean the dust. Remove the black carbon from the edges of the RAM. Then, put all the components back into your motherboard and try to run it again. Now, it will run smoothly. Dust creates many problems, so take care of it. Thanks.

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How to Solve Blue Screen Error



There are many reasons behind this problem.

If you have bad sectors in your hard drive, this problem can be occurred.

If you have problem in your RAM, this problem may be occurred.

If your window’s files are corrupted, then this error also may be occurred.

If you did not clean your computer, then this will also be occurred.

In short, there are many reasons behind this problem.

You can overcome this.

1. Remove RAM from motherboard, check it on another computer. Also check that the RAM is not broken from any point or damaged.

2. Take an air blower and clean your computer deeply. It will remove all dust from your computer.

3. Run your computer in DOS Mode and type “chkdsk” command. This command will repair all the files of window.

I hope these all points will be helpful for you.


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