How To Show Duplicate Entries on Report

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I fear than my MSAccess database have duplicated entries due to one of my programmer's lack of experience in MSAccess.

I would like to know how I can print duplicate entries in a report so that these problems can be solved without having to search for it one – by – one manually.

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How To Show Duplicate Entries on Report


Utilizing the wizard will make a query that describes which record/s on a table are replicated by means of fields on the table as a source for the query.

Microsoft Access questions the fields that you wish to use for checking any replications and which fields you want to emerge on the query results.

Another method that we can use for finding replicated key violations is to use the "Find Duplicates Query Wizard". This is a technique when you want to get the current table of data and make it an exceptional field together with the current data fields.

To create a Find Duplicates Query:

1. Click the New button under the Query tab on the database window.

2. Select the Find Duplicates Query Wizard and then click the OK button.

3. Choose the table that you want to look for duplicates and then click the Next button.

4. Choose which field/s has a replicated entries and then click the OK button.

5. Choose an added field/s that you wish to appear on the query results and then click the Next button.

6. Add a name to the query and click Finish to end the process. 

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How To Show Duplicate Entries on Report


Hi Find Duplicates in an Access DB is not so hard, in the following steps we create a quarry that list the duplicated entries in the form of a Table (this tutorial is done with MS Access 2007).

Open you Access DB, and select the Tab “Create” then click on the icon for Create Quarry Wizard, the wizard window will Popup, select the table that contains the duplicated entries and on which you want to apply this quarry then click next.

Then select the fields that may contains the duplicated entries in that particular table then click next, now, select the fields that you want display in the report and click Next, finally you will be asked to enter a name for this quarry, you can type whatever name you want (ex: Find_Duplicates_Q), once you are done click OK, and that’s it.


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