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I am just surfing in the web and suddenly I cannot connect to the internet. My computer says that my IP address suddenly changed. What kind of solution should I do to fix this problem?

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First, you have to check if you have an internet connection and if it's properly connected or not. And then check if it's correctly configured and then launch your Internet Explorer.

Open IE and then under Tools, click the Internet Options and then Connections tab.

And then go to the LAN settings and modify the Automatically detect settings.

Go to the Advance tab and then click the Restore Advance Settings or alternatively you can reinstall Internet Explorer.

If doing the above step won't help you resolve your problem, try the troubleshooting function from your PC. Search for a step-by-step method from your internet probider. Or try changing your modem.

Good luck.

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My obnoxiously irritating brother loves to make a mess of my pc. Last day he messed up with the internet connection.

When I came to use my pc the browser was saying that my IP address has been changed. I didn't know what to do. I know nothing about ip addresses. In that pathetic situation, came to my rescue.

Thanks to techyv and its experts for solving my problem.

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Hi  Anicetomagnanao

If you have no education in any computer-related skills, you can fix this issue using some simple and basic strategies that every people can easily handle without any help from a technical support specialist.

 Pay a visit this Techyv post to get that simple ways "How to Fix Your Computer Internet Connection"