How to see the browsing history of two computers

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If I have two computers that are both connected on the same wireless network.

I wanted to find out, is it possible to view the other computer’s internet browsing history from this other computer?

If yes, how do I go about it?



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How to see the browsing history of two computers


Internet browsing can be viewed in 2 ways. Regardless what computer you are using, there is a way to check and view Internet browsing history and cached files.

The best way to view Internet browsing history is to install a parental control. This type of security will monitor how the computer is being used. What websites you are allowed to visit and open and all website you view will be saved as browsing history.

One of the good example of parental control is Puresight Parental Control. This type of protection will saved all computer's Internet files for you to view what are those. Although, this can't be access by any user but only by the master or the administrator.

Another way to view Internet Browsing history is to check directly in the computer's Internet browser.

Open Internet Explorer
Go to Tools, Internet Options
Click on Settings under Browsing History
Click on View Files (This display the history)
Go to View Objects (This display the object in different file format)

To delete Browsing History
click on Delete button
Check the boxes you want to delete
Then click on delete all

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How to see the browsing history of two computers


If you are on a wireless connection then the there are many ways to check the other computer traffic you can install server on one side of your computer to make sure that the other computer running on the same network is only allowed the specific data that can be accessed on the internet.

You can also check the network browsing history also in this case. If you have the IP of the other computer or the name of the computer then there are many software available that can see the network traffic. You can install one such program that not only tells you the number of computer over network but all the device and data that is sent over a network. I am sure that you can get this program easily from the network and you will be able to see the other computer traffic.

Michal Joran.

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