How to scan iptv udp proxy?

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Hello Experts,

How to scan IP TV udp proxy?

Is there a way that we can scan all the proxy server cache that we are using so that we will be able to know the flow of the connection of each server to through other computers.

And how it this related to hotspot and virtual private networks?

I wish that you will share your ideas with me regarding this issue.

Thank you.

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How to scan iptv udp proxy?


Hi Marie,

You can use intelligent port software to open server side UDP  proxy ports. With the help of this software you can apply some rule sets to a proxy ports  to block some IP ranges, you can use this software to delay connection for specific IP range. This software can limit maximum number of simultaneous connections per IP. This software can limit the total number of connections to each  proxy port.

With the help of this software you can block some IP address to access data.

You can download the software from here:

Thanks for sharing your problem with us.

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How to scan iptv udp proxy?



One of solution is to use UDP IPTV to RTPS proxy. That is an lightweight Linux deamon. To use it download its source, unpack it and compile. To download the source code visit the following link UDP IPTV to RTPS. When the download finishes unpack it go into the newly created directory an start compiling. First run ./configure and then make & make install && make clean. Start the server and and connect it by opening an url with media. Also some operating systems come with IPTV/UDP multicasting solutions. One of them is OpenWRT so you may check its web site OpenWRT web site.

Queen Norman

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