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I have been using Microsoft Outlook 2007 for quite a while and this is my situation.

I have a recurring appointment set but it doesn’t have an end date. I have edited single occurrences of this appointment in the past. Now, I would like to set and end date but whenever I try, I get a prompt message saying that I will lose any exceptions to the series.

Is there anything I can do to save the exceptions but still be able to remove the recurrence from this date onwards?

I hope you can help me with my situation. Thank you.  

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Hallo Rachel Rene,

For sure there is a problem to that. You will just need create a copy of your calendar folder in excel, and that will do by exporting it as a .pst file to excel. What the export function does is to convert those dates that you would need to store in the format that is not recurring.

Once you have the excel file, you will need to edit it so that it will have the appointments that are between the dates you want to keep, and that will be done with ease in case the appointments are sorted based on the subject. You will be required to remove everything that is not recurring and thereafter you will move back to outlook the excel file that  you have edited. Once done that, you will then delete the appointments that are recurring and thereafter you will create another one which is recurring but in relation to the new time.

Hope this will help.


Mahesh Babu