How to remove the history Mozilla

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I am Mozilla user. I am browsing it for few months.

Now I remove the all history of  Mozilla of my computer.

But I do not know how delete history of this software.

Now I need the procedure of deleting history.

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How to remove the history Mozilla


Firefox stores your history in its cache that temporarily stores images, scripts, addresses and other parts of websites while you are surfing. To remove this history, follow the following steps.

  1. At the Firefox menu bar, click on the Tools menu and select Options.
  2. Click at the advanced panel.
  3. Select the tab labeled Network.
  4. At the section labeled click Clear Now
  5. If you don’t require your Firefox to keep your history, go to Tools>Privacy and at the Firefox will: combo, select Use Custom settings for history.
  6. At the check boxes below, highlight Clear history when Firefox closes box.
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How to remove the history Mozilla



  • Usually you will find this option in Properties of every browse. So, you will go to Properties and then history and delete it.
  • In Mozilla you can get there by this way: go to Tools, then to Options and go through the options there. For versions 1.5 or higher, go to Tools and then click on Clear Private Data.
  • It is also possible to set Mozilla not to keep any history data. You will find it in Settings, Remember visited pages and change the number of past days to 0.

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