How to reduceTivoli cpu time ?

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I have been working with Tivoli application which takes a lot of cpu time when used for reporting and optimization I want to reduce Tivoli cpu time how to do it please suggest ?

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How to reduceTivoli cpu time ?


Hi Furby,

It seems that you are having persistent problem. You didn't mentioned what OS you are using, but this solution will work regardless what OS you are using as long as it is Windows OS family.

1. Start Task Manager by clicking together CTRL+ALT+DEL. (If you are on Windows 7, select Start Task Manager in prompt window)

2. Go to Processes tab. You should be looking for tivoli.exe process.

3. Click your second mouse button and select mentioned process above. It should look like this:

4. Once selected, Set Affinity to just one processor if available

5. You can also Set Priority to LOW

These steps should reduce your CPU usage greatly.

I hope you find this suitable.

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How to reduceTivoli cpu time ?


If your application consumes most of your CPU usage, this can make your system extremely slow. If you want to speed up things, try to close other applications that you don’t use while running your application. This will free up resources on your system which can improve the performance. Another workaround is to change the priority of your program in the Task Manager.

In Microsoft Windows, when you run an application, the priority is set to “Normal” by default unless the program has its own override that changes its system priority. To try this, first, start your application. Once the program is running, press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to bring up the Windows Task Manager. In the Task Manager, go to “Processes” tab then look for your program in the list.

Locate your program’s executable (EXE) then right-click it, point to “Set Priority”, and select “BelowNormal” or “Low”.

Change a program's priority
Change a program’s priority

See if this works.

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