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Hi techyv,

How to reduce cpu temperature software? Is there built in software for windows 7 starter that will possibly reduce the cpu temperature of the computer system? If you have some idea about this matter please discuss it with me.

Hoping for your help.

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Hi Lindsay Wendy

Firstly download Core Temp Tool.

2) Download it, thus that you can check your CPU Temperature. It supports mostly Intel and AMD.

Intel CPU permits you to recognize the Temperature of the Individual Core of your Processor of your System. It is with Intel Central Processing Unit (CPU).

For AMD, it is not probable to recognize the Temperature of the individual Core. It demonstrate the whole Temperature relatively than the individual Core.


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  1. Go to start button on desktop and click control panel then select system and maintenance and then power options
  2. Select power saver option from list of plans and click change plan settings under power saver and then click change advanced power options
  3. Search processor power management in list and expand field and click maximum processor state field change value between 25 to 50
  4. Change the minimum processor state field as 1 then select ok.

Hope these shall help you