How To Recover Password Of Webstar

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Hi experts,

I forgot the password of my WebStar DCP2100 router.

How can I recover the password?

Thanks in advance.

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Your problem is nothing but a general problem. As for your information password of a router can not be recovered. The routers are set from the server with a default password and it is not being saved on the server.

The only solution for you is you have to set your router in a default mode. After reseating it the new user name and password can be added. To do it just re setup the router on your system and add the info from the mane of the application by login as Admin to your router program.

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The best and recommended solution if you have forgotten the password for your router is not to recover it at all but to do a hard reset on the device.

But this is only recommended if this is your own personal router and not somebody else’s. But before proceeding on hard resetting it, you may want to try the default username and password for it. Although not all routers use the same, it’s worth to try before doing the reset.

For username, supply it with “Admin” or “Administrator” without double quotes.

For the password, use “admin” or simply press Enter leaving it “blank”. If that didn’t work, use your web browser then visit here and then find the password for your router’s brand. If that didn’t work either, you will now have to do the hard reset. Most of the routers have a pinhole button may be located at the bottom or at the back of the device.

Pressing and holding this button for around 10 to 15 seconds will hard reset it. Just setup the router again afterwards then set your new username and password.

The pinhole button at the back or bottom part of most routers

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Excellent guys! You just shared with me valuable tips. I would like to mention Sharath Reddy because I was not expecting this kind of reliable solution. In fact, I was very anxious about my problems thinking that I can’t get any aid and idea to solve it. Sharath, your solution is perfect! It helped me to solve a hard task and now I am able to recover WebStar DCP2100 router password. Your provided link is working well; I have bookmarked this site for future uses. Many thanks to you!

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